Daily Archives: August 15, 2009

The best deal i ever got in my life so far.

it happened today. as i drove my family home from Michigan through Indiana, we stopped for lunch at a Steak N Shake. It’s a chain of 50s diner style restaurants that specializes, as you might imagine, in burgers and milkshakes. It has a wait staff. it’s semi fast food. but it’s really really good.

we noticed there was a sign in the window as we walked in. KIDS EAT FOR FREE ON THE WEEKENDS! it was the weekend. i had three hungry kids who looove their milkshakes with me. i figured there HAD to be some catch. there wasn’t. when our waitress gave us the the check, she cheerily informed us that we wouldn’t be charged for the kids meals and to ignore those charges on our bill. i was stunned. my 13 year old daughter was stunned. like me, she figured there had to be an “asterisk” as she put it. there wasn’t. we were kind of stunned. Steak N Shake is really, really, really good fast food. i felt slightly guilty as i paid. what a great emotion to have towards a burger chain. “i owe you steak n shake, and we’ll never forget this kindness!”. i might even blog about it.

i am impressed.