Is outdoor advertising the future of advertising?

Over dinner in new york recently i got into a fascinating discussion with my old colleague and all around good and wise egg Arun Nemali about the future (and present) of advertising. In a rapidfire discussion about the universe and everything we concluded that the future of advertising might well lie in out-of-home advertising. Not just billboards but everything that can be encountered in the real world. because, at some point, even the most wired of the wired have to go out and get some toilet paper and cheetos. and occasionally occasionally avert their gaze from their mobile device.

5 responses to “Is outdoor advertising the future of advertising?

  1. Makes sense to me. After all we’re surrounded by the real world even while we’re in the virtual world. Can’t escape it. Of course, I’d also rather not pollute and slap a logo on every available space either in the world either.

  2. dan, i fear logo pollution and “experiential” advertising will be the way of the future. not endorsing it. just see it coming.

  3. No one can argue this logic. Like you say, everyone has to leave the house at some point.

  4. thanks liam.

    yeah, it’s a grim outlook in a lot of ways. i don’t want to live in some Bladerunner meets Idiocracy advertising dystopia either. but i increasingly don’t think the future of advertising lies online, as we all thought a few years back.

    btw how goes it with you?

  5. What a great point about outdoor advertising… everyone indeed goes out at least sometimes, which means that the outdoors is still a great place to be seen.

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