i really like the Liberty Mutual Insurance ad campaign

it’s nice to see an ad campaign that has the brains and courage to decide what constitutes a good position for the brand and then go after it relentlessly. given the financial nature of the product and the region from whence it hails (new england) it’s hard not to see and feel echoes of the legendary John Hancock campaign penned by Bill Heater (my old boss btw) years ago. it unabashedly plucks your heart strings. and it succeeds. as my wife said of it “It’s been ages since anyone has been sincere in an ad”.

Damn. why didn’t i think of that? sincerity! it was staring me in the face.

so kudos to both client and agency. i shall update this post with examples of work and credits.

3 responses to “i really like the Liberty Mutual Insurance ad campaign

  1. The Liberty Mutual campaign is one I’m pretty opinionated about. Some spots I love, some get my blood boiling.

    When it started I was thinking YES. What a great position. Responsibility. And they were nice little spots reminding us that we are good people most of the time, or it’s good to do the right thing.

    But then they took a turn and went down a dark road. They went from showing people doing the right thing, to two people talking about what the right thing to do thing is. For some reason those spots get really heavy. And the mood changes from, ‘hey what a great campaign,’ to ‘what gives an insurance company the right to preach to me?’

    I could only find 2 spots on YouTube, but it gives an example:

    I really like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mutf5t8NmS0

    But this one feels like preaching: http://www.youtube.co/watch?v=Tqvz_J-nxXI

    I think this spot would have been great if they showed the kid actually making the right decision. But that’s just one opinion.

  2. sorry dan. been busy. my post was more of a visceral reaction to a single ad than a considered analysis of the campaign in toto. i was a bit shocked by their commentary on the paul tilley suicide. but it was evidence of belief and commitment. and daring to be polarizing takes guts and courage. i’m a fan of that!

  3. Hey, best of luck with the shoot. Can’t wait to see the result.

    Missed the suicide spot I guess. I definitely get a reaction out of the spots. But they’re making me bipolar. Either way, they have gone for it with the campaign, which takes guts. Always good to have a client like that.

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