Craigslist is doing fine

A recent report in adweek points out that craigslist is on track to make a lousy hundred million dollars this year. not even a billion dollars. how boring!

of course most of this revenue (presumably) came at the expense of the classified ads in newspapers. cue the worlds only sub-atomic violin orchestra.

one of the admirable things about craigslist is how under the radar they have been. they don’t try to constantly get their faces on the cover of FAST COMPANY and they don’t view it as a tragedy that they aren’t a hundred bazillion dollar company. they had a great idea, it’s working brilliantly, and it will probably continue to do so. and they seem happy. as they should be.

i raise a glass of discount sparkling organic apple juice in their honor!

7 responses to “Craigslist is doing fine

  1. Yeah. I was surprised to see Craigslist was a $100 million in revenue company, (and I assume most of that is profit) didn’t realize they had that many paying posters. They must be doing pretty well for themselves.

    You should watch the documentary 24 hours on Craigslist. It’s from a few years ago, pretty decent. Don’t remember if Craig Newmark himself is in it, but they did talk to a few people who work for him.

  2. craigslist is a genius idea. like google it’s a money-making machine. literally, a machine. you can’t beat that. no dealing with people. no people!

    i will try to watch that. watching documentaries has become my new reading. sad but true. thanks.

  3. bing made me think of google the other day (pretty good when a competitor makes one think of you).

    think of the so-called dead brands. xerox, band-aid, kleenex. typically it’s considered bad (though I disagree to a degree) to become a part of the cultural lexicon. competitors can feed off of that and use it to their advantage.

    but google is a noun, a verb, an adjective. for other brands that would be a death knell. but you don’t go to a store and look for a google. you don’t have sales people selling you up. you don’t have other brands side by side, and take the cheapest. no. you say, ‘hey i should google this.’ then you type in google and there it is. no option. you’re absolutely right, it’s a money making machine. no matter who comes up with something better, or faster.

    as long as google is top of mind, it will always win. part genius part luck. but luck is mostly genius i guess.

  4. well genius is often luck retro-fitted IMHO. but not always.

    i once had the privilege of meeting Google’s first salesman, David Scacco. and he showed me the foamcore boards he used to use to sell Google to agencies back in 1999. and they were quite comical. but only in retrospect.

  5. On a unrelated topic, have you seen this?

    You might enjoy it (winking face made out of punctuation).

  6. Thanks for that ben. Just when i thought it was finally done. it’s flattering to be included in that company. does the order of running mean anything? yes it does. it means i’m slightly better than david abbott. that’s what i’ll be telling myself all day.

  7. Ha! Pvt Benjamin beat me to it. I was about to post the very same link. As for Craiglist. ‘rello’ in L.A put me onto London version today.

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