Finally, an award that matches our office decor

We just got our ad:tech gold award yesterday. it really fits right in here at The Escape Pod as you can see. i like this award because people like us care about this award. i look at who’s entering and i go “yeah, that’s who i want to compete with” in a way that i simply don’t with other awards shows. and i know it sounds like i would say that regardless, but i wouldn’t. i felt this was the show that would best understand what we’re trying to do here at The Escape Pod. and i was right. thank you ad:techers!


4 responses to “Finally, an award that matches our office decor

  1. Lovely minimalist design.
    Well-deserved, congratulations again.
    And the soundtrack for the event :) :

  2. yes anca. i immediately liked it. a nice change from the usual pretend pencils and pretend oscars. thanks for the tunage too. perfect. i bet you’d be great at finding songs for ads anca. it’s a real skill

  3. Congrats vinny and co.

    By the way, I picked up some metal too for the card (typography) that should be on your agency wall ;)

  4. thanks paul. and by all means send us your award. i will happily claim it as my own. ;-)

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