Buckminster Fuller. Visionary, Genius, Hustla!


I recently attended a most splendid exhibit of Buckminster Fuller’s ideas and models at the Museumm of Contemporary Art here in Chicago. The guy clearly loved himself some dome. He could see problems only he could see and so came up with solutions only he could appreciate. Your classic genius dilemma. They had screens playing a documentary about him. and every time i looked at the screen there was Bucky selling the crap out of his latest idea for the cameras and crowds.

Bucky understood the key to creativity: getting your ideas executed is the key. anyone can have a great idea. getting it done right is the key part. and so he understood that he would have to sell people on his ideas. one of the reasons he was so successful was because he knew how to present and sell an idea. his models were amazing. he would go on national tours presenting his visions of the future. He was a brand. it’s no wonder he was a huge draw on the college lecture circuit for years. he was entertaining.

it also didn’t hurt that he was slightly insane. in the 1940s, a friend wrote him from mexico asking if Bucky understood Einstein’s theory of relativity. Bucky promptly explained it all to him in a single telegram, semi-pictured below.

Bucky would have loved email!

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