My brushes with fame – Vol. 7. Tim Burton


I have previously described my encounters with celebs as random as ad legend David Abbott, Ludacris, Quentin Crisp, and Chris Rock.

This one wasn’t so much a meeting as an embarrassing series of near-meetings with the famed goth director. I was staying at legendary ad hangout Shutters by the sea in Santa Monica. A lovely hotel that never disappoints and gets its fair share of legitimate celebrities. As i was walking into my room for the first time, the door next to mine opened. and who should step out but Scissorhands himself. I didn’t recognize him immediately but offered a friendly “hey!” greeting which received a muted “hey” in return. as he walked past our eyes met and i’m sure he saw the flicker of recognition in my eyes. now i like some of his movies but that’s about it. i’m hardly a devotee.

Later that night i was leaving my room and who should also be leaving his room but Tim Burton. again. we shared an awkward elevator ride to the lobby. he is clearly uncomfortable with the whole fame thing. and i was in no way intruding. so far so good.

Then as i returned to my room much later that night who should be also returning but, you guessed it, Tim Burton. Again we shared awkward greetings.

And then the next morning as i left my room there he was again. It was starting to look suspicious. Tim Burton is stalking me! no, wait, in this scenario i’m the stalker because i’m not famous. but i wasn’t stalking him! and to prove it i let him take the elevator and i took the stairs.
it was starting to get ridiculous. i had taken to trying to guesstimate the times when TB was “least likely” to be coming and going and timing my entry and exits accordingly. which was frankly absurd.

and i am not kidding you, but nine times of out ten there HE was as i fumbled with electronic key card. i was on the verge of accosting him and saying “Look Tim, i know it looks like i’m stalking you but i swear i am not!”. which would have probably led to my immediate ejection from the hotel.

then finally, i was having a drink on the patio of the hotel, when unbeknownst to me Sarah Bonham-Carter – Tim Burton’s girlfriend – sat down in the chair behind me. a colleague pointed out that she was sitting behind me and i turned around. and just as i turned around…yes, there he was. just in time for him to catch me leering at his girlfriend. No doubt about it now. I was stalking him! Perhaps not uncoincidentally this was the last time we nearly met.

5 responses to “My brushes with fame – Vol. 7. Tim Burton

  1. Sarah Bonham-Carter? Is he knocking off Helena’s sister?!!

  2. Is she the one with the hair that literally looks like she has birds nesting in it? that one.

  3. That’s the fella.

  4. Helena went to my school. She had gone by the time I arrived but it still smelled a bit.

  5. Ha! that’s funny ben. Of course like all movie stars she’s a tiny wee thing with a huge head on her.

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