The Escape Pod wins ad:tech gold award

we blogged recently that we had been nominated for an ad:tech award and pathetically groveled in no uncertain terms to anyone who was reading that we’d really, really like to win one of their funky awards.

Well, it looks like it worked.

We just found out that our penny pranks campaign for client OfficeMax was awarded a gold in the best online brand campaign category. I was actually being serious when I said the good thing about this awards show is that it is of the moment and doesn’t carry the baggage of the established ad awards shows. Our work was perfectly at home in this show. It belonged there. It frankly doesn’t belong in an awards show that also has a P.O.P. poster category. Those days are gone.

Congratulations to client OfficeMax who keep pushing us to do better work. And to our fearless flame-haired improv genius Matt McCarthy. And of course a tip of the chapeau has to go to Smuggler director Henry-Alex Rubin, Oscar nominee and all around top chap.

4 responses to “The Escape Pod wins ad:tech gold award

  1. Well-deserved. Congratulations!
    (I have a nice feeling about this year for some reason.)

  2. Thanks anca. from your lips to god’s ears as they say.

  3. Nice one Vinny. Congrats

  4. Thanks david. It’s always nice to win a new award. I have enough pretend Oscars ;-)

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