Tropicana back to square one

so i took the picture below at my local supermarket last night. tropicana is replacing their “new improved” packaging with their old unimproved but better packaging. as we blogged before we couldn’t believe they spent all that money (and time and effort) undoing the few things the brand had going for it. we clearly weren’t alone.

but it really makes you wonder about tropicana and their decision processes. their advertising is as bland as bland could be, ie it’s invisible generic corporate blah. so really, the most important thing they had going was their packaging. which had that picture of the orange with a straw in it. which is a great image: fresh orange juice. even if it isn’t entirely truthful. tropicana clearly isn’t fresh squeezed juice. it’s in a box.

and their big idea was to blandify the ONLY thing that consumers associated with their brand?

look below. which brand, i mean packaging, do you prefer? Exactly. Next case!


4 responses to “Tropicana back to square one

  1. In the words of the great philosopher Triumph the Insult Comic Dog:

    “I prefer the ‘new and improved’ Tropicana packaging……… poop on!”

  2. I prefer club tropicana where the drinks are free and there’s fun and sunshine, enough for everyone.

  3. yes but something’s missing. the sea? yes, that’s all that’s missing.

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