Not sure about the logic of this one

Saw this walking to work today. Charles Schwab (investment brokerage) telling people that the way to make up the money they lost in the stock market is…to invest in the stock market. they might want to chill for a while.

5 responses to “Not sure about the logic of this one

  1. I hate to nitpick Vinny, but there are investment options other than stocks, such as CDs, Bonds, Money Markets, etc.

    I actually have no problem with Schwab running a campaign. If there was ever a time people needed advice from a professional…

  2. oh i know. but the ads are a bit tone deaf given the environment we find ourselves in. that one is actually the least offensive of the campaign.

    i have no problem with them running a campaign either. but if i did it it would be a bit more sensitive to the current climate.

  3. Maybe a campaign that includes a pop-up ad? :-)

  4. No damn pop-ups! ever!

  5. Well, if you’d piled in a month or two ago, you’d have made 25% already.

    What do you expect the fecker to say – he’s a stock broker.

    Argh, hair of the dog, matey…

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