Daily Archives: March 22, 2009

wefollow.com. Now twitter makes sense!

Clearly different people use twitter in different ways. As it should be. I can only speak from my own experience of it. As with all social media there is an element of micro-celebrity built into it. E.g. “You only have 187 friends/followers, I have 1,087!” etc. And it also makes sense that those who work the medium hardest have the most “success”. We are human. We will always want to rub others’ noses in it. That’s how God made us.

My experience of Twitter went something like this.

1. I don’t want to be on twitter. it’s a load of old narcissistic wank.
2. It may well be a load of old narcissistic wank. but how can you know for sure if you don’t try it?
3. Im on it. It’s not exciting, but hey Stephen Fry is on it! And the creator of Father Ted! And Steve Buscemi! Actually interesting people!

So i’ve used twitter as a source of entertainment. And, as a pathetic celebrity whore, it’s really exciting to follow people i admire and get into their heads a bit. this could not have happened without twitter. So i’m netting out on the side of twitter is a good thing. because celebrities are better than us. that’s why. and nobody cares about how you like your morning bagel. unless you’re larry david.

new media tends to follow the path of least resistance. The internet 1994: a possibly world-changing tool that will facilitate cross-cultural dialogue on an unprecedented scale, OR, will it become a porn and gambling facilitator. and we all know how that went. twitter may have hit gold with celebs connecting to fans. a constant electronic flow of love from adoring fans – yeah that’ll work.

imagine if sean penn, who probably should never twitter, twittered for a month on behalf of a charity. and you had to pay ten bucks to follow him. i would do that!

So last week i had an idea for twitter. and today i found out it has been done. it’s this:

It connects “twitterees” (us tedious plebs) with “twitterers” (actually interesting celeb folk).

A brilliant idea.


Tropicana could learn a lot from my kids


My kids (13,9,7 years old) love drinking juice. Not soda. A good thing for which i have my superb wife to thank.
So recently i noticed that the cardboard Tropicana pulp-free orange juice had been replaced in our fridge by the brand pictured above. that’s a plastic bottle btw not glass. I also noticed that OJ consumption in our household had shot up. Turned out my wife had gotten a bottle of Simply Juice randomly one day and the kids loved it so she got more. it’s now “our” family brand. I also noticed that i’m drinking more orange juice. And the reason, i think, is simply the packaging.

every time i open the fridge i can see the delicious citrus juice swimming around in the bottle, beckoning me to dive in. And of course i do. because i am weak and cannot resist temptation.

And that of course is SIMPLY JUICE’s edge. And Tropicana et al’s achilles heel. A waxy cardboard box adorned with anodyne-looking corporate graphics on it simply isn’t as appetitizing or motivating as seeing the juice itself.

So rather than spend untold millions changing their OJ packaging, getting it spectacularly wrong apparently, and then launching an expensive ad campaign to publicize their mistake, Tropicana should have simply copied SIMPLY JUICE genius packaging. Why? Because sometimes there’s only one good idea in a category. Shorter-lasting batteries? Boo! Longer-lasting batteries? Yesss!

tropicana thought this was a good idea? oy. and vey. and a very deep sigh.

[UPDATE] Sales of Tropicana have plummeted 20% post redesign. How can you get something as simple as orange juice that wrong? And the worst part is that this was no impulsive decision. Countless man hours were devoted (wasted) to undoing what little brand equity and interest Tropicana had. Just quit guys. Seriously. Try organic farming or something. This clearly isn’t the field for you.