Daily Archives: March 20, 2009

The Escape Pod on CNN

CNN aired a piece about client OfficeMax female-oriented strategy and they played our commercial for it. You can see it here.

Awards shows drift ever further away from reality: BBH wins Grandy for Oasis thingy


As we’ve blogged before, we at the The Pod feel more and more disconnected from advertising awards shows lately. Mostly because we feel they are out of touch with what’s going on and simply have not kept pace with the rate of change in the industry. And then when you add the felonious fees and byzantine entry processes you’re left scratching your head as to why you cared in the first place. The old cost/benefit analysis isn’t really working in their favor.

The other day the Andy awards awarded its grand prize “The Grandy” (which we at the escape pod were lucky enough to win a few years back. it comes with a $50K check!) to a “campaign” from BBH to promote Oasis’ latest CD. What they did was teach the tunes from the new album to street musicians in New York City who would then play them on the street. with films of them uploaded to myspace and youtube. Something like that.

Now we loves us some Oasis. Their first two albums will, erm, live forever. And BBH is one of the finest creative agencies in the world. But what the hell does this have to do with advertising? That’s a record company promotion. And not an especially exciting one. Let’s face it, you could have put the actual Gallagher brothers themselves playing the songs in the NYC subway and not a single new yorker would have batted an eyelid.

Hey, maybe the Rolling Stones should have entered their “playing on a truck around Manhattan” tour promo thing into the One Show in the OUT OF HOME category. No, they didn’t. Because it wouldn’t have made any bloody sense.

Nobody is more keenly aware than us at The Escape Pod that “advertising has changed”. But maybe one way in which it’s changed is that awards shows are no longer necessary. And their self-conscious attempts to prove their relevance only serve to illuminate this further.

Excuse me now while i go sell my car to pay for our Cannes entries.