Daily Archives: March 17, 2009

Steve Buscemi sent us a message

Sensing that there might be a possible media feeding frenzy over twitter newbie Steve Buscemi, we were keen to do our part. So we blogged about how much we love Steve Buscemi and sent him a link via twitter to said post yesterday. and lo and behold he saw fit to respond. here’s what he sent:

Steve Buscemi via Twitter
to vinnywarren

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it’s bloggers like you that allow me to go from 400 to 2,000 followers in just a few days. i wholeheartedly appreciate your help. cheers.

Steve Buscemi / Steve_Buscemi

There’s only one strategy.

It has never ceased to amaze us over our careers how people try to complicate what we do. Advertising is selling. Clients hire us to help sell their stuff. It’s very simple. So therefore the only strategy worth doing: sell more stuff. Obviously there will be exceptions to this rule. but that’s what they will be: exceptional.

But if you were to read the trade magazines and the marketing books (and i strongly recommend that you don’t read the vast majority of them) you’d think advertising was some kind of mysterious thing. it’s not. it’s very simple. create something that will encourage demand for the product being advertised. that’s all there is.

The legends of our industry intuitively understand this. and have always done so. My old boss, one of the legends, said it best: “To me all advertising that is truly great reeks of honest humanity. Between every word you can smell the hot breath of the writer. Whether as a result of wit ,intelligence, insight or artfulness, great advertising invariably transmits itself to the receiver on a fragile human frequency.”

Note he didn’t use the word “strategy” once.