The soon-to-be King of Twitter: Mr. Steve Buscemi

As  i blogged before, i largely use twitter to get access to minds that are more creative and ideally funnier than i am.  and it’s a great source of free entertainment.   I was a stephen fry follower when you were still thinking about getting AOL.   But i now have an instant new favorite:  Steve Buscemi.. I would like to state for the record that i started following him earlier today when he had a mere 500 odd followers. Yeah, that early. Chris Roe Esq. put me on to him. And i’m sure he’ll be a huge hit on twitter.

And i love the fact that he follows nobody on twitter. zero. as it should be. he should never change that. Steve Buscemi doesn’t need you, you need Steve Buscemi.

Trees Lounge was a masterpiece btw. See it today!

9 responses to “The soon-to-be King of Twitter: Mr. Steve Buscemi

  1. Vinnie,

    I trust you’ve seen Christopher Walken’s Twitter: I smell a twitter Battle Royale between Mr. Pink and the guy who carried this uncomfortable chunk of metal up his ass for two years.

  2. He now appears to be following someone.

    I couldn’t ever get in to twitter. It is everything bad about the the interweb.

    Though I see Facebook has chaged to try to become more twitterlike.

    I will soon be starting my own interweb social netwanking phenomona called Twatter or Facef*ck.

    Not sure what the content would be though.

  3. i know what you mean paul. it’s a load of old wank. it’s the CB radio of the internet. which is why i only follow funny celebrities. i’m really only on it so i can speak from a point of authority about it. part of the job.

  4. justin, thanks for that. i will check mr. walken out. he better be funny!

  5. Tis far from Twitter I was reared, but the fact that young Buscemi thinks it might be worthwhile makes me want to try, so here goes:



  6. i think that worked there Ciaran! Really.

  7. Bushimi’s is fake, walkens probably is too, look at the feed and see if it reflects the personality of the star it probably is not them if it is not advertised by the star themselves and stuff… be wary, there is a stephen t colbert that is very fake on there as well…. dont be fooled!!!!

  8. Gwen, yes i heard that too. the thing is is that fake Steve Buscemi did a pretty good job of imitating our perception of the real Steve Buscemi.

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