Daily Archives: March 13, 2009

My secret fantasy realized: i got to do an adhesive ad.

There was some great ads for glue done in the 80s in the UK. Superglue was new. The category was sex-ay! Believe it or not. They would do really cool demonstrations of how well their glues stuck. So i always fancied doing one.

And then i finally got the chance to do one. we were looking for a good demonstration idea (because that’s what sells glue) and the account person showed us the video that they used to sell the glue to hardware stores et al. it consisted of two bricks stuck to the wall at the same time with different glues. ours stuck instantly. the competitor’s brick fell instantly. it was a pretty powerful selling tool. so i just recreated that that demonstration and added a little theater to it.

It should be noted that this was not digitally enhanced in any way. this is exactly how it happened. and this was actually the only take we got of this believe it or not. it worked first time. looking back i’m amazed we didn’t at least try to get another take for safety. youthful confidence for you!

in fact if you watch closely you’ll even notice that “our” brick slipped just a little bit. but it stayed up. little bit of verite.

they ran this ad for ages. my original idea was to have a little live kitten in a basket under our glue and a stuffed toy kitten under the competitor’s glue.