Soft sell or Hard Sell?

i remember seeing this at The One Club in Manhattan in the mid-90s. it was part of that year’s D&AD show. I never thought i could actually be made to “want” a washing-up detergent. this ad achieved that in an instant. again, it appeals to the senses. this time the visual beauty of the photo coupled with the smell and taste sensual appeals of dishes mentioned.

a lot of the hardest selling ads seem to bypass the “rational” analytical side of the brain. Boddingtons didn’t rattle on about the hops they use to brew their beer. a good thing, because i know from experience that beer drinkers couldn’t give a flying fig about tiresome ingredients and brewing processes. yet many brewers waste their time and money talking about just that. if only life were so simple!

I’m guessing real-life actual hard-selling salesmen and saleswomen don’t want their prospects “thinking about” the proposition. they just want them to sign on the proverbial dotted line. so the best ads just mimic that. makes sense innit!

2 responses to “Soft sell or Hard Sell?

  1. Analysis is a lasting process.
    Emotions are instant impulses.

    No one spends an entire afternoon analysing the ingredients in our product, completely lost in amazement.

  2. and if they did there would probably be no need to advertise it.

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