My best hard-sell piece so far.

nice-dress2I did this years ago with a very talented guy named Jeff de Chaussee. Jeff is a director now. And if he brings ten per cent of the passion he brought to advertising to his work in film, he’ll do very well. Jeff gets it done!

We were trying to think of a print ad campaign for Bottomless Closet, a Chicago charity that was the very first to have this brilliant idea: solicit business clothes from female execs (only the good stuff) and redistribute them to women on welfare so they could attend job interviews with confidence. they even had a full-on store staffed with professional volunteers who sold clothes at Macys and Saks by day. it was executed really well. it was just like a real clothing boutique. complete with jewlery display counters and store fixtures. and it was good stuff too. Top designers etc. it was just a brilliant idea really well executed. And once we found all this out the idea of doing some vaguely award show intended fluff went away. we really wanted to genuinely help these people. their work was invaluable.

so we thought of the idea of giving clothes hangers with printed messages on them to dry cleaners in well to do city neighborhoods with lots of female execs. which i loved because when they discovered there was a message soliciting spare clothes printed on the hangers, they were conveniently looking at all the spare clothes they had in their closets. and the hangers lived on further because the women would hang on to them and use them to tell their friends about this wonderful idea.

any ad creative worth their salt is critical of their work. so you naturally look for ways in which the concept or the execution could be improved. i could never find a flaw in this idea.

Jeff actually found out that the guy who printed all the hangers with dry cleaner’s names was based in chicago. and he printed 20,000 hangers for us for just a couple of hundred dollars. we did three messages but this is the most hard sell. so i like it most.

3 responses to “My best hard-sell piece so far.

  1. I wish I had thought of this. I now hate you!

  2. don’t hate the player, hate the game! or words to that effect. i wish i had thought of something as bulletproof as this again.

  3. What is doubly great about it is it achieves more bang for your bucks. Very cost effective and straight to the point. Hats off to you.

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