One of Dave Trott’s favorite hard-sell ads:

I asked readers to submit their favorite hard-selling ads. This is one Dave Trott sent in. It’s a classic. Ran for years here in the USA. You’ll see why. it was shot in 1959. slickly shot it is not. but the core idea will always work.

What’s your favorite hard-sell, can’t-argue-with-it, instantly-makes-you-want-to-buy-the-product ad? mine is the Cream of Manchester Ice Cream Cone ad for Boddingtons. I should see if i can buy a poster of that one actually. They looked amazing.

5 responses to “One of Dave Trott’s favorite hard-sell ads:

  1. Crystal clear branding:

  2. i doubt i was ever in the market for a nourishing hair spray. but i do think the best hard-sell ads capture any drama inherent in the product. however minor it might be.

  3. I like the kind of honesty that was popular at that time. When there was nothing very special about the product, they didn’t switch to writing SF movie scripts. Nowadays ad people forget that there’s always a reason why a product exists and that we only have to add the right amount of enthusiasm. Why would we act as if we were asked to improve the product, not to present it?

  4. It is interesting to note that Union Carbide was responsible for the Bhopal disaster that ultimately killed 8,000-16,ooo in the world’s worst industrial “accident.” Too bad the company took better care of that chick than its own employees;

  5. Yes KN. Union Carbide messed that one up royally, didn’t they. Their very name became toxic. Terrible tragedy.

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