Daily Archives: March 7, 2009

This guy has uploaded 6,300 videos of himself smoking pipes to YouTube!

that’s dedication!

This is my favorite hard sell ad. What’s yours?

You are not going to believe it but i could not find a single image online of the famous Boddingtons Cream of Manchester ice cream cone poster. It’s not like it was done in Elizabethan England! Oh wait, it kind of was.

But you get my point. Once i scan it at work I will put the image up here. but if you’ve ever seen the ad, my merely mentioning it will instantly make you want a pint of creamy Boddingtons ale right now. it’s that good of an ad. it complete overwhelms you and hits your “buy it now” button real hard.

What is your favorite hard sell ad, imaginary reader? Don’t be shy. Now is a good time to reacquaint ourselves with the hard sell.


UPDATE: scanned the image below from D&AD 1995. A very good year btw. I always say, any ad that makes you want to lick the product being advertised = success!