A powerful road safety ad from Ireland

I saw this a while back and loved it. recently came across it again. great job by whoever directed this. apparently it’s based on a true story, ie that really happened as depicted.
UPDATE: The ad was directed by Syd McCartney (well done Syd!) for the Lyle Baillie ad agency in Belfast.

8 responses to “A powerful road safety ad from Ireland

  1. Ciaran McCabe

    That is extraordinarily powerful and really well shot and directed.
    Thank you.

  2. agreed ciaran,

    esp. considering ireland is a very small market. so well done to all concerned. interestingly i found that the agency concerned had pulled a version from YouTube due to “copyright infringement”. a bit odd. and luddite really.

    whatever. i still want to meet whoever shot this. you know it was done for very little money.

    maybe the UVF shot it. turns out they want to direct too. ;-)

  3. Hi Vinny, this was one of many adverts promoting road safety commissioned by the Road Safety Authority, chaired by Gay Byrne (of Late Late fame). They have done others which show the relatives of victims who died telling their (usually children’s) story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCoYnu5deOs and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0sQtdoZcFM
    Heart-rending stuff. Hard to know if it has the immediacy and shock value of this advert and the other car-crash ones they did.
    The question is: Does it work on the “boy-racers” it is aimed at?

  4. Ciaran McCabe

    I asked an old friend in London, John O’Driscoll, who directs, about it and he wrote back to say that most road safety ads for NI are done by a company called Lylebailie – lylebailie.com.
    He said most are shot by an Ulsterman named Syd McCartney, he’s really good, eh.
    Wonder why none of them turn up on Scamp’s or Ben’s site.

  5. Ciaran, thanks for that. mystery solved! Looks like Syd McCartney has done a lot of episodic TV too. He knows what’s up.

    why did it not show up on Scamp etc? I think the short answer is because Fallon didn’t do them ;-)

  6. Pat, thanks for the links. Will it work? Well it’s like famine relief ads that show starving children. if that doesn’t move you, what will?

    certainly that is the most viscerally powerful ad film i’ve seen in ages. and it’s not trying to be clever in any way.

  7. haveanothercoffee

    “I think the short answer is because Fallon didn’t do them”

    It seems there are two opposite types of infection Fallon generates. Some people love Fallon for no reason — literally; it’s called unconditional love –, while some others like to call them Fallow.

  8. Anca, Fallon will be last years news any day now if i know the uk ad industry. it’s a funny old game!

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