We won big in Vegas

At the Retail advertising awards the other night, The Escape Pod and client OfficeMax took home a gold and the best of show award for our penny pranks campaign.

Interestingly the awards were decided on the night by the audience at the show itself. Each of us was given a little electronic remote control device which we used to cast our vote. Which added a little more drama to the proceedings. The results were intstantly tabulated and displayed on screens for all to see.

Happily our penny pranks was the clear crowd favorite on the night, garnering 80% of the votes to take the best of show award.
Needless to say a punishing amount of refreshments were consumed immediately thereafter. A great night was had by all.

16 responses to “We won big in Vegas

  1. And this is only the beginning. As always, I’m proud of you and your team, Vinny.

  2. I know I said this already but I loved your penny pranks campaign, Vinny. Congrats on the awards. It reminds me of a favourite of mine from the 70/80’s for Cadbury Cream Eggs, where a kid would order so many and reveal a suitcase of small change. Also, thanks for the advice, Vinny. I’ll keep a look out for said like minded individuals.

  3. John, be sure I’ll continuously feed your enthusiasm.

  4. thanks for the kind words guys.

    it was exciting to shoot those. a real eye-opener. matt mccarthy, our talent, was a real trouper. and our director, the unstoppable Henry Alex Rubin, was his usual unwavering self. keeping the cameras rolling long after any self-respecting human would. and we’re glad he did.

    yes john, you really have to keep your eyes peeled. i’m not a musician but i imagine it’s very much like starting a band. chemistry is key. complementary skills and temperaments etc are required. we have been lucky in the team we have assembled. we have a good time!

  5. Who said ‘if we both agree one of us is redundant’? Now where is my chemistry set?

  6. yes. and you never know how you’re going to meet that person or persons. they may not fit your preconceptions of what the person SHOULD be. if you know what i mean.

    Bono can’t really sing but that never stopped him from being the lead singer in the biggest band in the world.

  7. Clever games have clever rules.
    Genius games have no rules.
    Only mediocrity has plenty of rules.

    You only need to establish the rhythm.
    Many people will feel the beat.
    Very few will be able to dance with you,
    to take the right opposite steps.
    Dancing is a very good example of complementary thinking.
    Your right-forward needs your partner’s left-back.

  8. Ciaran McCabe

    Congratulations Vinny. Great stuff.
    All that and we beat England (only just) at Croke Park as well.

  9. thanks ciaran. we had a blast as you can imagine.

    the rugby victory should take their minds off things for a day or two.

  10. Well done Vinny. It was a great campaign and deserved honour!
    Yes the victory against England will keep us happy for a while, however brief. Keep up the good work!

  11. thanks pat. glad you liked. it seems to be a crowd pleaser. which always helps in awards competitions. my brother in law is a big rugby fan. he was probably at the game.

  12. Hey – just catching up with you. Congrats on this- well done and much deserved.

  13. Thanks man. it was fun. as was boise sounded like.

    i really think george should host an annual boozefest of bitter ad folks in idaho. i’d go!

  14. Congrats Vinny. Well done to you and all the team

  15. Thanks David. We had a blast. The clios are in vegas this year too. Could be fun!

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