Daily Archives: February 28, 2009

The best burger and fries in the world

while in vegas several podders noticed the above sign from the window of our hotel. if you’ve ever been LA, locals will urge you to check out the legendary in-n-out burger. telling you in no uncertain terms that it is without doubt the best burger and fries you will ever eat. and they are right. In-n-out burgers and fries taste amazing in a way that’s difficult to communicate without sounding like a fast food ad. the potatoes used to make fries, for example, are only cut when you order your fries. live in front of your eyes. the staff are super-switched on and enthusiastic about what they do.

i knew in-n-out was a southern california chain, so was bit surprised to see they had ventured as far east as las vegas. feeling a tad hung over i recruited some compadres to go for some much needed grease. as usual, it was packed out, as they always are.

as i always do when i visit their restaurants, i pondered what it is that separates In-n-out from their many competitors. And my conclusion is the same as it always is. and it’s not exciting but it’s very probably true. its’ that In-n-out is truly committed to excellence. now i know that sounds like corporate poo, but in this case it’s the truth. they don’t have a secret formula other than caring A LOT about how their food tastes. they don’t just have a collection of fast-food outlets, they have a cult. it’s well worth checking out.


We won big in Vegas

At the Retail advertising awards the other night, The Escape Pod and client OfficeMax took home a gold and the best of show award for our penny pranks campaign.

Interestingly the awards were decided on the night by the audience at the show itself. Each of us was given a little electronic remote control device which we used to cast our vote. Which added a little more drama to the proceedings. The results were intstantly tabulated and displayed on screens for all to see.

Happily our penny pranks was the clear crowd favorite on the night, garnering 80% of the votes to take the best of show award.
Needless to say a punishing amount of refreshments were consumed immediately thereafter. A great night was had by all.