Twitter for non-twits

If you’re like me you probably look on twitter — as i once did — as the ultimate waste of time exercise in navel-gazing. And you may be right.

But I always figure that if something is that popular there HAS to be something of value there. And maybe they’re right and I’m wrong kind of thing.

So I’ve stuck it out with the twitter and here’s what I’ve found.

1. There is something cathartic in getting thoughts out of your head. And that is probably the biggest reason for its popularity. It’s like shouting on the side of a mountain and hearing an echo. Cathartic in that way. Catharsis sells!

2. Because you’re micro-broadcasting your message it does sharpen the mind. In the same way that blogging does. You’re conscious that others (however few) are listening.

3. It’s yet another way of having a new kind of relationship with people that you don’t necessarily know in the traditional sense. I follow some UK-based comedy professionals, and have experienced twitter-only comedy that simply cannot be explained to a non-twitterer. The infamous Stephen Fry “lift” incident so memorably spoofed by Graham Linehan. You have no idea what i’m talking about, do you?

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