The power of music

found this on robert popper’s blog. he’s an english comedy genius who i follow on twitter.

“So the story goes that this guy used to work at a place where they’d transfer old 8mm home movies onto VHS, and then add a music background onto the tape for them. Anyway, one time – by mistake – they dumped some classical music, that they hadn’t listened to beforehand, onto the people’s footage. The results are beyond staggering.

I want to believe this is true. Please be true. Please be bloody true”

4 responses to “The power of music

  1. this is way too good to be real! The happy accidents that could persuade the Earth to rotate twice a day.

  2. it’s amazing either way. it was eerie! i couldn’t take my eyes off it. hitchcockian!

  3. Eerie is exactly the word I was thinking. Got to be cut together. Very cool though.

    I want to know what those people are doing now!

  4. You know i doubt it was cut together. any innocent home movies + that music = scary. we’ve all been so conditioned by hollywood.

    i always find home movies depressing. except for THIS…which is awesome!

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