Stephen Fry now has 100,000 zombie twitter slaves eager to do his bidding

Veteran English TV, screen, radio and stage actor and comedian Stephen Fry has more than 100,000 twitter followers, including myself.

I got onto twitter more out of curiosity more than anything else. I actually don’t have that many real-world friends on twitter (or in the real world come to think of it) so i started following witty celebrities. Their lives are just so much more interesting!

What i didn’t know about Mr. Fry is that in addition to being one of the finest comic talents of his generation he is also an uber-geek. Hence his precocious and prodigious twittage. In fact his tech and gadget opinions hold quite some sway in his native UK.

So now i’m hooked on his frequent twitter updates. something i never dreamt would happen. It’s like some kind of bite sized text and pic-based celebrity reality show in which i play a tiny role. And i have to say i find it utterly fascinating.

So here’s to you Stephen Fry! Happy 100,000th.

Suck on that Hugh Laurie!

8 responses to “Stephen Fry now has 100,000 zombie twitter slaves eager to do his bidding

  1. Fry is just lovely! And his old series with Laurie is absolutely brilliant, I think I should turn those episodes into a series of analogies with advertising.

    (Suck on that Hugh “House” Laurie! – Imagine being a woman…)

  2. are you a stephen fry follower anca? i highly recommend it. Hugh Laurie’s show is huge over here. he is considered a sex symbol!

  3. Same big love for Laurie in Europe (by the way, that’s the British spirit that I like — no matter how American he tries to be, he’s still the Queen’s son). And I’ll surely… Fry myself now that you gave me a good reason – I’m not the Twitter kind, but he deserves the honour.

  4. To be honest Anca, i’m not really the twitter kind either but i’m giving a good old try and finding the bits i like.

  5. Vinny, I am not really the twitter kind either, but have signed today having read this post. Tried a few of my not-so-close friends that I do not see often, they are all on it. Had to send a request to follow you, (O great Master, please look favourably on your humble fellow-countryman!). Will give it a try like you. Have to say that being “on” all the time at work anyway, I’m not sure yet. Will do a post once I have given it a good trial. BTW, Ireland has gone from floods to snow in less than two days. The country has come to a halt!

  6. pat, why not. twitter is free after all. i recommend following Graham Linehan (Fr. Ted creator) too. very funny and great recommendations for movies to watch etc. i see by my iphone that it’s the same temperature (4 degrees) in galway and chicago. barmy! balmy!

  7. Thanks for the tip, Vinny. Eventually watched Tommy Tiernan Live in Chicago last night. Thought of you when he said “I live in Galway” and about 10 people jumped to their feet and cheered. “Very quiet and unassuming people live there” he said. V good show. Were you there?

  8. No i was not at that show. i did see it on comedy central. very funny guy.

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