Daily Archives: February 2, 2009

The Escape Pod on the radio (again!)

This time a radio station in LA asked our opinion of last night’s super bowl ads. So opine we did!  You can listen below.

Stephen Fry now has 100,000 zombie twitter slaves eager to do his bidding

Veteran English TV, screen, radio and stage actor and comedian Stephen Fry has more than 100,000 twitter followers, including myself.

I got onto twitter more out of curiosity more than anything else. I actually don’t have that many real-world friends on twitter (or in the real world come to think of it) so i started following witty celebrities. Their lives are just so much more interesting!

What i didn’t know about Mr. Fry is that in addition to being one of the finest comic talents of his generation he is also an uber-geek. Hence his precocious and prodigious twittage. In fact his tech and gadget opinions hold quite some sway in his native UK.

So now i’m hooked on his frequent twitter updates. something i never dreamt would happen. It’s like some kind of bite sized text and pic-based celebrity reality show in which i play a tiny role. And i have to say i find it utterly fascinating.

So here’s to you Stephen Fry! Happy 100,000th.

Suck on that Hugh Laurie!