Great game. And some good ads. And one or two really good ads. It always pains me when people complain about the standard of the ads. yes, some years are better than others, but generally speaking there are only a few good ads per Super Bowl. it’s like SNL. mostly awful.

Vinny Warren’s faves:

1. Careerbuilder “Annoying job”

2. Bud Light “Conan”

3. “Best guy ever”

4. Dennys “Mobsters”

5. Coke “Bees”

Other Escape Podders will add their top fives later.

4 responses to “SUPERBOWL XLIII post-mortem

  1. Wow. Just one overlap.
    From a pure entertainment POV, my top five (cause I know you’re just dying to find out) were
    1. Hulu
    2. Coke “Bees”
    3. Doritos “Bus”
    4 Cheetos “Annoying Janice-From-Friends-Chick in cafe”
    5. Teleflora “Talking Flowers”

    Though 4 & 5 are on there just to have a top 5.

    Hulu probably did them the most good. Why? Because most people didn’t know Hulu existed.

  2. ha!

    well the thing is that we’re really just judging entertainment really. so it’s not that surprising. plus, it’s a chemical reaction in a way. part of it is the crowd reaction to what you all see. i know it was with me.

    i loved the start of the hulu thing but the writing ended badly for me. and my eldest daughter!

    pound for pound, the best advertising advertising selling stuff ad that will work equally well outside super bowl was Dennys IMHO. squirting cream sfx works! there was some offer too.

  3. But I think a lot of people found out that Hulu existed tonight. People who did not otherwise know about it and may want to check it out, regardless of whether they liked the spot or not because it sounded like a cool service.

    Whereas not sure how many taking part in Dennys free breakfast will become more regular customers.

  4. true about hulu. a good demo ad in that sense. lousy ending though. and good stories have good endings.

    also, isn’t alec baldwin a vegetarian? thought that was supposed to keep you thin.

    the dennys ad warmed my heart towards the brand. realistically as much as could be expected of a :30 spot. loved the martin scorsese looking dude too. it felt appropriate.

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