Grow up P.E.T.A.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has produced yet another embarrassingly stupid ad. This time they’ve decided that, in 2009, it’s OK to objectify women to produce a “controversial” ad that, shock horror, was refused placement on the Super Bowl. Wow. Like that idea hasn’t been tiresomely done year after year by and other clueless and unimaginative marketers.

Let me be clear. I love animals. I have a dog, a rabbit (and i’m allergic to rabbits), a guinea pig and a parakeet. I am PETA’s natural constituency. Who doesn’t love animals? Yet PETA continues to produce ads that are amateurish, tone-deaf, insensitive, and alienating. And now we can add puerile and sexist to that list. And what if NBC actually had allowed their stupid ad to run? Oh, that’s right, my young daughters and I would have been embarrassed while watching the game. Nice one guys.

Listen up PETA. Your attempts at self-promotion are just woeful. Please stop wasting money and embarrassing yourself and animal lovers everywhere. It’s having the opposite effect to what you think.

I can help you PETA. I am an experienced ad professional. I have done famous work that people liked. I could make America love you in a matter of months. Call me on my cell. (630) 606-0567.

2 responses to “Grow up P.E.T.A.

  1. Thank you Vinny Warren.

    PETA could have a much larger constituency but their insistence on playing the bratty overpriveliged college sophomore trying to get under Daddy’s skin completely undermines their message.

    If anything it turns people away from them and so the first thing that jumps to my mind when I hear their name is the anti-PETA bumper sticker that reads: PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

    And like you, I’m a natural constituent.

  2. thank you alan. our media director pointed out to me what a stupid waste of time their alleged super bowl spot was. and as you well know the work for PETA could and should be amazing.

    side note. the world’s first animal rights legislation was sponsored by the M.P. for my home town back in the 1820s – Richard Martin.
    Interestingly, he had two nicknames. “Humanity Dick” for his compassion towards animals. And “Hair Trigger Dick” for his fondness for duelling with pistols.

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