Advertising awards shows have officially become a pain in the bottom.

Let me get this straight. I love winning awards. I am very shallow. I am in advertising. This should be shocking to absolutely no one.

And i’m always suspicious of ad people who say they don’t care about awards. And i’m even more suspicious of people who win awards and then act like they don’t care about them. Claiming that they use their Oscar as a door stop etc. Oscars belong on mantle pieces and behind glass cabinets. Just so you know. I’ll come round and polish yours for you next time I’m in LA if you want. Respect! Please.

So anyway, we’re wading through the ever-more-complicated ad awards entry requirements. It’s that time of year again.

Here’s a typical request. “Please submit a film (no longer than five minutes) outlining the idea”. A FIVE MINUTE FILM! dude, just so you know, now you have me evaluating your request just to bloody ENTER your award show and weighing it against the worth of your award. and i have to say, i know from experience that most awards are simply not worth that type of time expenditure. and don’t even get me started on the entry fees. a separate issue entirely.

what most awards shows kind of fail to realize is that their roots lie in the pre-Internet days. when they served a valuable service: collating and presenting a very necessary once-a-year peek at the state of the world of creativity. that is no longer the case. i’ve already seen anything worth seeing online. except for the Asian scam ads that never ran anywhere anyway. yet the awards shows are still stuck in that era. Still producing dead tree “annuals”. and because they are so behind the times, their entry categories have become laughable. Online is no longer just INTERACTIVE, got that kids?

So here i am, an admitted ad awards groupie, actively considering whether or not it’s worth entering ad awards shows. that can’t be a good sign for the awards shows.

4 responses to “Advertising awards shows have officially become a pain in the bottom.

  1. Hi Vinny.
    Bob Brooks told me that he helped start D&AD because it was the only way creatives could get credit for their work.
    The same with NYAD.
    The awards were forgotten the next day, but your name was in the annual next to your work forever.
    The proof for me was the 1959 NYAD.
    The ad that won the gold that year was for Renault Dauphine with the headline, “Le Car Fantastique”.
    On about page 150, in the bottom right hand corner, was another car ad that just scraped into the annual, “Think Small”.
    Awards are just other people’s pinions.

  2. that’s a great story about the VW ad. i think we might be back to 1959 Dave.

    But the degree of difficulty in entering work into the big shows has become absurd.

  3. “But the degree of difficulty in entering work into the big shows has become absurd.” — maybe that’s the only competition left.

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