Too hot for TV! Volume 4

This was a McDonalds spot. And why this one never aired is a mystery to me. It’s a charming thing if you’re a new parent. And it was based on my own experience.

When my eldest was just a toddler starting to speak she would call out every Dunkin Donuts sign we approached it because she’d been there once and knew that it was the place where the donuts came from. “DONUT PWACE!!! DONUT PWACE!!!” DONUT PWACE!!!”” she would scream every time. And because she had perfect eyesight and not much else to do she would sometimes see one way in the distance and piercingly scream “Donut Pwace!!!” in my ear as i drove. i would slowly realize what she was on about only as we drew closer to the Dunkin Donuts sign.

so that situation was the germ for this spot.

FUN FACTS: It cost $2500 to have that teddy bear stitched by hand. one of a kind. still have it. The Dad actor appeared in Sex and The City. At a crucial moment in the shooting of the commercial the little girl fell fast asleep in her car seat. So we broke for lunch.

8 responses to “Too hot for TV! Volume 4

  1. I love this spot Vinny. What a crime that they didn’t use it.

    I can guess why: they didn’t want to be accused of brainwashing American toddlers to recognize their evil brand logos. I mean I can see the articles in HuffPo now.

    But your insight is spot on: when we still lived in Manhattan, we had to pass a McDonalds on the way home from just about anywhere. My son quickly learned to identify the golden arches and would point them out wherever we saw them. I remember being amazed at how the logo was able to imprint itself on his brain long before he could recognize a letter or number.

  2. yeah, it’s amazing how kids take to branding as a way to simplify their world…just like their parents do!

    plus we tend to reward them for making the connection. any connection.

    i find it bizarre to see what a twelve year old teen girl finds fashionable. hint: it’s Aeropostale and nothing else. i should buy stock in that. Abercrombie is in deep trouble.

  3. alan,

    Glad you liked it. it’s a parent thing. like i said i had no idea why they didn’t run it. i didn’t really work on the brand. they brought me in because the McDs folks liked my beer work. we shot this. i moved on. directed by Greg Kohs from @radicalmedia btw. splendid chap. did the Nike Peewee football stuff with the NFL historical feel. hilarious.

  4. They were probably… children-free.

  5. anca, very probably. very probably.

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  7. A simple yet chilling lesson on the power of branding. This is the of social engineering that would have made Stalin jealous. The kind of brainwashing that would have made Rev Moon envious. Great spot. Not hard to see why they didn’t air it though.

  8. David, yes i guess it’s a tribute to how omnipresent McDs is here in the USA. i always feel bad for the actors when a spot never airs though. especially the little girl.

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