Daily Archives: January 15, 2009

Plane lands in the Hudson River. Everyone survives. Which airline do you trust now?

I watched this live today. A USAIR pilot was forced to land in the Hudson river. This was a triumph of experience and expertise.

Captain “Sully” Sullenberger had at least 30 years of experience flying with the airline. He is now the official brand icon of USAIR. My new favorite airlline. He is a star. His courage and judgement gave New York a very much needed happy ending to an airplane-based drama.

Here’s my idea. We go to the pilots’ union and offer them more based on how much experience they have. seriously, i would pay a premium to fly only with experienced pilots.

Too hot for TV! Volume 4

This was a McDonalds spot. And why this one never aired is a mystery to me. It’s a charming thing if you’re a new parent. And it was based on my own experience.

When my eldest was just a toddler starting to speak she would call out every Dunkin Donuts sign we approached it because she’d been there once and knew that it was the place where the donuts came from. “DONUT PWACE!!! DONUT PWACE!!!” DONUT PWACE!!!”” she would scream every time. And because she had perfect eyesight and not much else to do she would sometimes see one way in the distance and piercingly scream “Donut Pwace!!!” in my ear as i drove. i would slowly realize what she was on about only as we drew closer to the Dunkin Donuts sign.

so that situation was the germ for this spot.

FUN FACTS: It cost $2500 to have that teddy bear stitched by hand. one of a kind. still have it. The Dad actor appeared in Sex and The City. At a crucial moment in the shooting of the commercial the little girl fell fast asleep in her car seat. So we broke for lunch.

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

For some reason this beer ad popped into my head the other day. I guess on some level i will always have beer on my mind to some extent. It’s in my blood. No, literally. It’s in my blood right now as i type. Mmm…beer!

It was done for Miller Lite in the late 80s in the UK. the 80s were a great decade for beer advertising in the UK. The campaigns were seriously innovative. I had the good fortune to grow up watching them as a teenager in Ireland. From Dave Trott’s (And Steve Henry’s) hilarious work for Holsten Pils to The Carling Black Label greatness, and this little gem from the tail end of the 80s. This was different. The lessons of BBH’s Levis TV work had not been lost on whoever did this. What blew me away about this ad was the design and texture of the band scenes. They worked on a visceral level.

They’re basically showing an English dude going to the pub. Hardly a notable event, to say the least.

The song was perfect too. Anyone know who did this? As an ad geek i should know and want to know. The Courage sign on the pub at the end means BMP did it i’m guessing.