Too hot for TV vol. 3

Over the course of our careers, we have produced a lot of work.   Inevitably, we produced some work that we liked but that never aired for various reasons.  this is the third in that series. you can see the other two here.  and here.

This is one of my favorite unaired pieces. it was the very last Whassup spot starring , as they had become known, the Whassup guys. at this point they had been on the road doing personal appearances on behalf of Budweiser for a long time. more than a year. they’d toured the world sticking out their tongues and shouting “Whassup!!” They were tired.  And it showed.  i remember thinking how much things had changed when i heard them complaining about a planned personal appearance in Hawaii.

That Charles Stone didn’t direct this also made it less authentically whassup. This was the end of the line. I loved this idea though. My former partner Scott F. Smith had the idea for it. It was the reaction of the whassup! guys angry lower neighbor in the apartment building they presumably lived in. he’s been driven insane by all their incessant whassuping over the years. and has had enough. and decided to call them up and give them a piece of his mind, egged on by his broom-wielding wife. they were intended to be a metaphor for a whassup-ed out America. metaphors in beer ads…hmmm maybe that’s why it didn’t air. winking smiley face.

it still makes me laugh though. the husband and wife actors were an actual husband and wife team btw. boy did they work hard. Mr and Mrs Paik, if you’re reading this, sorry your spot never aired! You were great. Thanks.
FUN FACT: The only whassup spot shot outside of NYC. We shot this on a sound stage in Chicago. damn i should have bought that couch!

5 responses to “Too hot for TV vol. 3

  1. A bit off subject Vinny, but there’s a good article about OfficeMax here

    Good thinking to switch the targetting to women business startups and divert them from drab Staples.
    Media makes good sense too.
    I may have to quote this.

  2. thanks for that dave.

    yeah, there is an amazing lack of design and thought in the products that are used in the workplace. everything else has been pimped and made over, why not the place where you spend a good third of your life?

  3. This also applies to so many ads and I just can’t agree with texts like “A good idea does not need a stunning execution.” IT DOES! And if it doesn’t, why not make it look great, even if just because in 2009 WE REALLY CAN? Not to mention how depressing many websites look.

  4. Anca, you are right. the execution is the key. especially on TV where every viewer is ultra-familiar with the medium. everybody’s an expert at TV advertising!

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