Daily Archives: January 14, 2009

Too hot for TV vol. 3

Over the course of our careers, we have produced a lot of work.   Inevitably, we produced some work that we liked but that never aired for various reasons.  this is the third in that series. you can see the other two here.  and here.

This is one of my favorite unaired pieces. it was the very last Whassup spot starring , as they had become known, the Whassup guys. at this point they had been on the road doing personal appearances on behalf of Budweiser for a long time. more than a year. they’d toured the world sticking out their tongues and shouting “Whassup!!” They were tired.  And it showed.  i remember thinking how much things had changed when i heard them complaining about a planned personal appearance in Hawaii.

That Charles Stone didn’t direct this also made it less authentically whassup. This was the end of the line. I loved this idea though. My former partner Scott F. Smith had the idea for it. It was the reaction of the whassup! guys angry lower neighbor in the apartment building they presumably lived in. he’s been driven insane by all their incessant whassuping over the years. and has had enough. and decided to call them up and give them a piece of his mind, egged on by his broom-wielding wife. they were intended to be a metaphor for a whassup-ed out America. metaphors in beer ads…hmmm maybe that’s why it didn’t air. winking smiley face.

it still makes me laugh though. the husband and wife actors were an actual husband and wife team btw. boy did they work hard. Mr and Mrs Paik, if you’re reading this, sorry your spot never aired! You were great. Thanks.
FUN FACT: The only whassup spot shot outside of NYC. We shot this on a sound stage in Chicago. damn i should have bought that couch!

I am an experienced expert. Do not try this at home!


That’s me (Vinny Warren) rubbing the head of a mountain lion. It was early morning and i was on a Budweiser shoot in California and slightly hung over. Still a bit giggly from the previous night, i noticed that the animal wrangler on the shoot (the spot featured a dog) had brought along three mountain lions which he’d chained up in the back yard of the rather luxurious house we were shooting at in the mountains outside LA. To my still slightly inebriated eyes, they looked very cute and placid.

I assumed, incorrectly, that these mountain lions were the nice, cuddly and domesticated variety of mountain lion. You know, THE TYPE THAT DOESN’T EXIST! So i foolishly got on the ground next to them and cuddled with them, putting my arms around their necks and generally treating them like huge puddy tats! Only then did i suddenly notice how HUGE their paws and jaws were. And i became a bit concerned. So i asked the animal wrangler why he’d brought them. his response soon sobered me up. “Oh, i just bought them and i thought bringing them here would help them get used to being around people!”. In other words, I was the first human these man-eating felines had  contact with.  Ever!  The blood drained from my face as I slooooowly got up and walked out of paw’s reach.

I should note that this is only one of a series of photos i had taken that day. this was the smallest of the three mountain lions i cavorted with that day.   i will try and find the others.