The Escape Pod created a new filmic promotional element

We had fun doing this one.  It’s currently running in cinemas nationwide. no online component, widget, facebook app.  no ARG.  Just a beautiful film and nice music.  old timey style.  FYI:  the actress’ wardrobe was custom designed just for her.  First time we ever did that.   And yes, we let her keep it.  we hope you like it.  the commercial that is.  not her dress.

Client:  OfficeMax

Production Company: Brand New School

Director:  Ben Go

Music:  At the Edge of The Ocean.  Artist: Ivy.  Music search performed by Comma Music/Chicago

INTERESTING FACT:  We shot this on a sound stage in  the Universal studio lot in Hollywood.  Next door Clint Eastwood was directing Angelina Jolie in “The Changeling”.  Angelina and Maddox once drove past us in a golf cart.  We were going in the opposite direction.   You could tell she was dying to talk to us.  But we were too busy.

4 responses to “The Escape Pod created a new filmic promotional element

  1. …and how happy I’d be if you replaced the video with this one for the simple sake of better quality and avoidance of unnatural cuts in the end of lovely cinema ads, Vinny. :) Other than that, congratulations to the whole team.

  2. thank you very much Anca. i put the wrong link up. doh.

    i really like song. i’ve heard it a million times at this point and i’m still not sick of it. a good sign.

  3. Very cool Vinny. I’m a big fan of cinema advertising because (a) you’ve got a captive audience and (b) it’s usually pretty entertaining stuff, so people don’t mind watching it, especially if they don’t clump too many in there.

  4. Thanks alan. yeah, cinema really does provide the ultimate viewing environment.

    and it was the biggest logo i’ve ever had in an ad.

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