UPDATE: Man on Wire = brilliant!

so i watched the movie i impulsively rented based solely on seeing the promo trailer at the dvd store.  it’s an account of the French highwire walker, Philippe Petit, who fulfilled a lifetime dream of walking between the twin towers of the world trade center in new york in 1974.

having been up to the viewing deck of the World Tradc Center years ago, i’d seen lots of framed b/w shots of his escapade there, and assumed –  not unreasonably i thought – that this somehow was a WTC sanctioned publicity stunt.   it clearly wasn’t.  the whole thing was illegal as hell and was meticulously planned like a 70s bank heist movie.  an appropriately motley crew of new yorkers (including, hilariously, a jewish stoner)  and frenchmen somehow pulled off the wirewalk of the century.  this was art.  Philippe Petit makes Christo look like a  flower arranger.

it’s a great story.  and it’s really well told here.  and, coincidentally, it was edited by the inestimable Jinx Godfrey, who we at The Escape Pod have had the pleasure of working with in the past.  i actually checked to see who edited it and was happy see Jinx did it.   she’s just a master of her craft.  and this movie is yet more undeniable proof of that.  good on ya Jinx!

It’s inspiring for all us creative dreamers because Monsieur Petit himself was, and remains, a creative dreamer who wouldn’t let anything — self-preservation, impossible odds — come between him and his dream.   He did it!

5 responses to “UPDATE: Man on Wire = brilliant!

  1. Didn’t want to feed off your expectations
    but I was glad you chose to rent it.
    I was sure you’d find it brilliant.

  2. yes Anca, it was unexpectedly inspiring. a great cast of characters. made me appreciate the Gallic mind once again.

  3. You sold me Vinny.

    But i will have to wait a little while, because right now a Man on Wire DVD with dutch subtitles costs an amazing 27 euros, apparantely because “it’s an import” (and there i was thinking it’s almost 2009)

    anyway, hope you and the family have a nice christmas!

  4. nico,

    i could just send you an English copy. the french dialogue has english subtitles. that would work. a christmas present from Sinterklaas!

    holiday cheers to you and bart. could you send me bart’s address?

  5. Thanks Vinny!

    Can you give me your adres, i still have something for you.

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