Seth Godin tells it like it is

once again, we are in complete agreement with the great domed one.

not every medium is suited to advertising. and anyone who has any experience of actually * trying to harness the internet for advertising purposes knows that while it has created exciting new opportunities, it does not rely on advertising for its existence.

and anyone who has worked in the traditional media knows that, creatively, not all media are equal. TV for example is a much better medium than radio. you can show and demonstrate things. you can create exciting little films.

so while facebook attracts a huge crowd, there isn’t much opportunity to create a meaningful brand experience. how many of banner ads on facebook have you clicked on? exactly. does anyone get excited about the prospect of creating a banner ad for facebook? exactly.

now we are not ruling out someone potentially conquering the world via a facebook app or banner ad, and ideally it would be us! but we aren’t holding our breath for it.

check out Seth’s brilliant post.

*as opposed to just blogging about it. winking smiley face.

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