How to be exciting

Being exciting is easy.  you simply have to do exciting things.  that’s all.  people are attracted to exciting things and exciting people.  Being exciting means you don’t have to work so hard to meet new people.

celebrities are exciting.  if you’ve ever seen a celebrity, you know what i mean. the actor  peter o’toole once knocked on the door of my home in Ireland when i was a teenager.  i nearly died of shock.  of excitement.  so the ideal then would be for your brand to be exciting.  there are two routes to this: one is to create an exciting product.  have you ever used a FLIP video camera?  i have.  now that’s an exciting product.   but chances are your product might not be one of those ideas.  therefore the things you do have to create excitement. your packaging, your advertising, the things that are in your control that  you can make exciting.  and of course not everything will create a tsunami of excitement every time.  but if being exciting is not a consistent and explicit goal every time and at every opportunity, it will NEVER happen to your brand.

you know all those stories of famous actors and models who were “accidentally discovered” when they were “dragged along” to auditions by friends? never happened. complete horseshit. it takes a will of steel to succeed in the hyper-competitive entertainment industry. everybody who gets the spotlight fought hard to get it. usually by being exciting in some way.

If being exciting is a consistent goal, when lightning finally  does strike, and people are genuinely excited about your brand,  your reaction won’t be: “Oh my god, how did this happen?”.  It will be “Thank god.  It finally happened!”.

2 responses to “How to be exciting

  1. Excellent post! I compare good advertising with a good concert. It’s not enough to be a good singer, you have to be a great entertainer.

  2. thank you anca. yes, it takes energy and commitment to be exciting

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