Brian Williams calls it

NBC news anchor  Brian Williams deftly  punctured a few over-inflated digital balloons recently in a speech given to the Ad Council in New York.    You can watch it here.

He points out how insanely tech-obsessed we as an industry (and as a culture) have become.   Endlessly chasing digital holy grails.  And constantly designing new digital clothes for the Emperor to wear.

The truth is though of course, that in digital-land like in everything else, 95% of everything is worthless.

It’s kind of reminiscent of the bombastic prog-rock noodling of the 1970s in a way.  Obsession with technical detail and craft can lead to a loss of ability to see the big picture and a detachment from real life. Which is why punk happened basically.   Punk was big-picture thinking.  Punk was a very necessary return to real life.

And real life is back folks.  The current world climate has served to wake people up to what’s important and what really matters.   And what really works.

We at The Escape Pod long ago tired of the digital witch doctors and their potions.  It was one of the reasons we started up.   We’d had it up to here with endless utopian talk of the glittering digital future.  Usually spouted by self-appointed “experts” whose command of gibberish was matched only by their lack of actual experience and accomplishments.   You know who you are! Winking smiley face.

We wanted to live and work in the uncomfortable and messy present.  And deal with the thorny media issues in a real world way.  And find out what works and what doesn’t.   You know, do things.

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