What’s the problem with Whopper virgins?

Look, i know you could be forgiven for thinking this blog is actually CPB’s most brilliant pr idea ever, but really, what is the fuss about whopper virgins about?

Let me lay down the facts.  cpb went to remoter parts of the world and asked people who had never tasted a whopper their opinion of it was.   that is a great idea.  get undeniably honest reactions from unimpeachably independent sources.

i’m being slightly facetious of course.  i know what the problem is.  the ads upset some people by showing the truth that the vast majority of the world lives in abject not-ready-for-primetime poverty.  and juxtaposing this poverty with what could be construed as a symbol of american consumerist excess: the  BK whopper.

that’s how they see it.  they feel sympathy for people being treated to free burgers.

but you know who isn’t complaining?  the whopper virgins.  because the cold reality is that the whopper is a fine burger in any language.  foreign peasants  have taste buds too.  and it was probably a fun day when the funny americans came to their village and asked their opinion of the strange food.   they’ll be talking about that for years.

you know who the complainers should be worried about?  the people in the developing world that didn’t get a whopper.  and will never get a whopper.  and who will have very short and very hard whopper-free lives and probably needlessly die from malaria or some other easily treatable ailment.  and leave hungry and scared orphans behind them.

i can guarantee there’ll be no online chatter or outcry about that though.

9 responses to “What’s the problem with Whopper virgins?

  1. Not sure if I sent this succesfully Vinny.
    Same subject: hypocrisy and the third world.
    See what you think.


  2. just watched it. very powerful. reminiscent of your “toilet” spot for water hygiene. that was you right? the English kid comes home and drinks out of the toilet.

  3. Yeah, we made well over a dozen films, also press ads and posters.
    No clients, and everyone gave everything for free, even media.
    Paul Arden shot that one, and Ken Livingstone was spokesman.
    This one made the Germas boo and walk out at Cannes.


    Like you say everyone thinks it’s bad taste to show, but no one thinks it’s bad taste that it’s happening.

  4. wow. talk about not mentioning the war!

    i too have done some work for a famine relief charity. and it’s very tough to penetrate the fog of self-absorption. people complaining about how “burnt out” they are on imagery of starving humans.

  5. Yeah, I know what you mean Vinnie.
    We tried to find a new way to get people to register the starving imagery:


    The problem is we didn’t have a client, or account men, or planners.
    So all that ends to come through is our anger.
    Still that’s better than nothing I guess.

  6. i love the parliamentary debates. brilliant. the plummy english tones coupled with the pettiness of the discussions really gets you mad.

    and, like johnny lydon once sang, anger is an energy.

  7. vinnie, came here to check out your blog after you left a comment on mine. nice! i loved what you guys did for officemax.
    hey, i totally agree on your virgin thing… in fact here’s a link to my bit about it… you took it to hard reality…

  8. dion,

    thanks for stopping by. we must have been shlepping around london at the same time. aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!

    loved your take on whopper virgins. i think the rawness of the footage is what really offended some. and i think a lot of no-logo-ers were just delighted to get upset on behalf of people they would run a mile from in reality.

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