Smoking is way down. Take a bow Pete Favat and Alex Bogusky!

I read recently somewhere that for the very first time, LESS THAN twenty per cent of Americans smoke tobacco products. Now some of this,I think, can be attributed to smoking becoming unacceptable to the majority of Americans.

Let’s see, it’s addictive but doesn’t get you high and it causes a slow painful death. You’d think it would have lost its appeal long ago. But it didn’t.

And let’s face it, advertising played a big role in recruiting new smokers. Thank you Marlboro Man for associating poisoning oneself with rugged outdoorsmanship….whaaaat???

But on the flipside, advertising played a not insignificant role in making smoking uncool. The long-running Truth campaign, created by my onetime boss Pete Favat at Houston Herstek Favat (later Arnold) and later brilliantly augmented by Crispin Porter Bogusky, has surely saved countless lives.

Advertising gets a lot of flack, some of it justified. But this is a clear case of advertising doing well.

5 responses to “Smoking is way down. Take a bow Pete Favat and Alex Bogusky!

  1. The truth campaign is brilliant.

    Rather than showing all the damaging stuff smoking does to your health, a message which has done very little because kids don’t care about that, it focussed on the uber uncoolness of cigarette manufacturers.

    How smart is that?!

    By the way Vinny, i just read Martin Lindstrom’s new book ‘Buyology’ in which he describes how he hooked up smokers’s brains on some kind of machine to measure what was going on when they saw health warnings.

    Guess what? The line “Smoking causes cancer” went immediately to the “Gimme a smoke! – part of the brain. So did pictures of black lungs!

    (buy the book, it will tell you some interesting new things, and prove a lot you already think you know about advertising)

  2. yeah it was really smart stuff. and it’s really worked. i will check out that book too. cheers!

  3. hey, do you still smoke nico?

  4. I did quit smoking for a while, but because I am weak I started again the moment I was facing some stress….

    Will try quiting again soon. Should be easier now that the only thing you are allowed to smoke in Dutch bars is weed and i can’t smoke that. (can you believe it? Tabacco is banned, but hash is allowed. I love this country!)

  5. Tobacco banned, hash allowed? so no hash joints then. just pipes? that will still work!

    the key to quitting smoking is lowering your intake slowly and then cutting out. within seven days the physical craving will end.

    i remember once hearing a radio interview with a guy from ireland who was turning 105 years old. the interviewer asked him the secret of his longevity. he replied that he drank very little and quit smoking when he was 21. the interviewer jokingly asked if he ever missed having a smoke. the guy responded, in all seriousness, that he only missed smoking after every meal. 84 years later!

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