Daily Archives: November 20, 2008

Your chance to own a piece of history. Our chance to get rid of our Obama plates.

Back in August we, along with five other Chicago agencies, were challenged by our local ad columnist, Lewis Lazare, to come up with an ad for a Presidential candidate. And we did. The escape pod’s idea was to create something that would raise money for the Obama campaign. Alas, the Sun-times never saw fit to publish any of our ads as they’d promised. and so our efforts were largely for naught. we even created a website and all. we actually did sell some plates. and the money did go to the obama campaign. thank you adpulp.com and adfreak.com!

net-net: we at the escape pod have some funny plates we need to get rid of. get one for the republican with a sense of humor in your life! Or, it’s the ideal holiday stocking stuffer for the long-suffering democrat in your life! Or, you just urgently need a plate!

anyhoo, we’re giving these babies away as holiday gifts. from us to you. simply leave your name and address in the comments section and we’ll ship one off to you. why? because we love you. that’s why.