Our philosophy on philosophies

Here at The Escape Pod we don’t have a “philosophy” about marketing or advertising. Other than that advertising should sell stuff. In fact, we find the whole idea of an advertising agency claiming to have a philosophy a bit laughable. Which is why you won’t find one on our website

It used to be fashionable for advertising agencies to pretend they had some proprietary wisdom that was exclusive to them and them alone. 360 degree thinking etc. This was done in an attempt to differentiate themselves from their almost identical competitors.

And some agencies still feel the need to engage in marketing voodoo. And to an extent it can work. For the agency. Regardless of what you think of Saatchi’s Kevin Roberts “Lovemarks” malarkey, it has led to some success for his agency. I guess the reason it worked is that there must be some clients out there who need to feel they are buying a sure thing. A process that will effortlessly lead to success. But the truth is there is no sure thing. In reality, there’s just gut judgement and sweat. And worrying a lot helps too.

By all means have an approach and an attitude towards the industry and marketing in general. That is absolutely necessary. But please, don’t call it a philosophy.

2 responses to “Our philosophy on philosophies

  1. “Advertising should sell stuff.” Couldn’t have put it any better. In the current climate in particular, this will be measured (perhaps incorrectly) by the bean counters, so any advertising that does not sell stuff will not run for long! I must change all the “vision and philosophy” waffle on our own corporate website. Thanks for the prompt!

  2. Pat,

    historically recessions force a return to first principles. “what would really work?”. which tends to lead to better advertising.

    leave philosophy to the philosophers. that’s what i say. i bet you don’t see an “Advertising” button on philosophers’ websites. ;-)

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