A blast from the past

I created this ad for Budweiser back in 2000.  It debuted on the Superbowl and actually was the very first spot in the very first commercial break of the game itself.

It’s a parody of every dog food ad you’ve ever seen where the happy owner romps with his pet in a meadow, while the owner’s voiceover talks about his love for his pooch.

I hadn’t seen it years and was kind of surprised to see someone had put it on youtube.  we had great fun making it.  it still makes me laugh.  hope you like it.

2 responses to “A blast from the past

  1. Vinny, I love that ad!

    Not to make you feel old, but I saw that ad when I just started in advertising.

    I remember seeing it on a Cannes reel and thinking: “Yes, that is kind of stuff I want to do!”

    It still makes me laugh and I have watched that ad at least 100 times to study it.

  2. nico, i feel old! glad you like that one too. i thought the actor in the spot was going to have a heart attack from all the running he did with the dog. we called an ambulance, just in case. seriously.

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