Daily Archives: October 31, 2008

Are you exciting?

Legendary Chicago gangster Sam Giancana (above) was once asked to define what a vice was. He replied “If it makes your pulse quicken, it’s a vice”. In other words, if it’s truly exciting it gets your blood flowing.

We think the same criteria should be applied to advertising. Does your advertising make anyone’s pulse quicken? Most advertising, and most of everything, doesn’t excite anyone. It just sits there. Not even attracting attention.

So how do you create exciting advertising? Well for one, creating actually exciting advertising has to be the goal to begin with. If it’s not a goal, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that the output will be less than enchanting.

You know those exciting ads that you see from time to time? They are the product of everyone concerned being committed to creating something genuinely exciting. It’s never an accident. Never.

What a lot of marketers seem to forget is that being exciting is a competitive advantage. Because your competitors’ dull and lifeless advertising is what helps create the environment in which your exciting stuff really stands out.

When your advertising actually enriches people’s lives, they love you for it.  Your advertising becomes part of the the culture’s daily conversation.  It gets talked about in the media.  Free media!  You get interviewed by your trade press.  You get asked to talk at industry gatherings.  And oh yeah, you sell a ton of your product.

Being exciting is exciting.  And you only live once.