Daily Archives: September 15, 2008

A note from Bill Kurtis

Fellow escapologist Matt recently ordered some steaks from Tall Grass Beef. Tall Grass steaks are harvested from specially bred cattle that are fed only on grass. Free range organic beef in other words. Apparently they are yummy beyond belief.

The requested victuals recently arrived along with a note from the owner of Tall Grass Beef: TV’s Bill Kurtis. That’s right, our fellow Chicagoan with a propensity for reminding viewers that he, and no one else, is Bill Kurtis. A great branding device btw.

It was a personalized handwritten note on a little Thank You card with a pic of BK inside it. Matt thought enough of it to remark upon it and show it to us. So now Bill Kurtis has established a Tall Grass beachhead here in our office. I want some Tall Grass steaks now.

And don’t you worry Bill Kurtis, i’ll be analyzing the handwriting on my thank you note to make sure it matches Matt’s.