A shift in the comedic tectonic plates

every generation develops its own comedic quirks and traits.  just as it does with music and fashion.  some stand the test of time.  most don’t.  but that’s OK because they’re not intended to.  popular culture is evanescent and mercurial and fluid and all those words that are synonyms for ephemeral.    

one trend that I’ve noticed – both here in the USA and abroad – is that comedy has taken a turn for the aggressively weird.  irony is dead.  reality is dead.  pushing things to ludicrous extremes is in.  and that takes skill to do well.  you really have to commit to the idea and, ahem, stay the course for it to work.  i personally love it.

I give you two examples that embody this trend.

this first one is from the USA.  it’s a youtube film from the a film collective called WAVERLY FILMS.  these guys have been around for a few years and have a really fresh flavor.  this example is a parody (but not just a parody) of those late night commercials that promise you can make a lot of money for doing nothing.  in this case by just picking up a phone.



this next example is from the UK.  it’s a dead-on parody of UK  tv science shows from the 80s.  it’s a tv show called “Look around you”.  this episode, or module, as they call it, deals with Water. (if you like this i highly recommend you search “Look around you birds” on youtube.  it may well kill you.)

PS:   can anyone please explain to me why SNL is still being broadcast?

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