The inevitably awkard first post

Nobody’s reading but you have to write like someone actually is, don’t you.

This is the official blog of The Escape Pod, a Chicago-based advertising agency.  I say advertising agency because that’s how i’d describe it to a stranger.  But of course these days being in advertising is a lot trickier than it was just a few years ago. A lot has changed.  And so have we.

But the ultimate goal of what we do hasn’t changed.  People hire us to sell stuff. 

I think this ad (which we ran in Fast Company magazine in March) neatly expresses our mission.  We came up with it in answer to that question everyone asks of startups:  what’s your elevator pitch? It was funny because it was the first time I’d been a client, paying for the ad.  A sobering experience and a great lesson. Famed poster artist Joe Simko drew it for us.

Anyhoo, thank you for not reading this.  Our posts will get geometrically more interesting as we go.  We promise!  (PS:  if anyone fancies a free framed copy of this poster, let me know.

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